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the no.1 dancehall spot – MUVA’s dirty 30 Birthday Bash

Man wird nur einmal 30. Und weil MUVA’s Wiegenfest sich zum 30ten Male im April jährt, und sein Herzblut zu einem großen Teil in Reggae und Konsorten läuft, ist es doch eine schöne Geschichte, das WILD OUT mit einem special guest zu verfeinern – niemand anderer als PERFECT GIDDIMANI – Reggae-Liebhabern bekannt durch Hits wie “Handcart Bwoy”, “Can’t Touch Me” oder “I smoked a spliff” wird das SUB für ein SPECIAL WILD OUT beehren – und das auch noch zum Nice Price von 7€ die ganze Nacht!


Saturday, 6.4.2013

StruttinBeats presents a WILD OUT SPECIAL: PERFECT GIDDIMANI live (Throw Your Hands Up Tour 2013)

[supported by HUGS Wiener Neustadt – www.hugs.cc]

Line Up:



live on Stage:
PERFECT GIDDIMANI (Saint Ann, Jamaica)?
Throw Your Hands Up Tour 2013


Eintritt 21:00

AK: 7€ Nice Price



PERFECT Giddimani is about more than music these days. The man who created a buzz six years ago with the song Hand Cart Bwoy is now pushing Perfect Papers, material for handmade cigarettes. He has also got involved in the Southern California skateboard community as producer of Perfect Giddimani skateboards. “There are a lot of skateboarders who love reggae music and support us as artistes, so why not combine the two?” asked the artiste, who spends much of his time between Miami and California. Musically, he is working on his latest album, which is being produced by Sam Gilly — drummer and band leader for the Austrian band, House of Riddim. It will be released in 2013.
Born Greg Rose in Bamboo, St Ann, Perfect Giddimani’s appreciation for music came from his father who owned juke boxes. After leaving York Castle High School, he moved to Kingston for a music career, hanging out at studios such as King Jammys and Arrows.By 2006, he got the breakthrough with the humorous Hand Cart Bwoy. Other popular Perfect Giddimani singles include No Badda Mi and Amerimaka.

— Cecelia Campbell-Livingston, Jamaica Observer 01-2012



6. April 2013 // Reggae/Dancehall // AK: 7€