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DJ SMO – Europe’s rudest and most versatile Dancehall DJ started his professional career as a member of the infamous Four Star Foundation – live at SUB with Father Diaz (OSF Sound) on June 11th, 2016.

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ø SOUNDTANK CREW (StruttinBeats Records/SUB)

Wicked Flyer-Design by Ulrich Enge / Sublab

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Singergasse 6-8
2700 Wiener Neustadt

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“Forward Ever, Backward Never – the original Badman Sound from Countryside”
The reggae soundsystem SOUNDTANK CREW was founded in late 2007 by STRUTTINBEATS-Founder MUVA and SAN CLEMENTE with the mission to bring nice vibes and caribbean flavor to the lower austrian massive. A monthly night in Wiener Neustadt’s biggest club was born – “WILD OUT” mashin up the place, quickly becoming the regular reggae club to attend. In 2008, third member CHIQUITAMAN was added to the crew and the first old school soundsystem was bought. As of 2012, the orginal SOUNDTANK continues as a two man show, consisting of MUVA and CHIQUITAMAN. The two soundmen understand their business: from early roots and dub, to classic 80ties/90ties dancehall to the newest shots of the reggae industry – these guys have the tunes and understand how to rise the temperature throughout the night inna di dance. Love for the detail is also something the guest will always remember when attending a SOUNDTANK dance: the PA, the flyer-design, the decoration – handsorted and chosen wisely. After several years of partying hard and nearly 40 gigs, 2013 brings new goals: WILD OUT gets a new home, in one of Austria’s newest and most modern club: the SUB. The Crew can look back to Gigs with the likes of Turbulence, Gappy Ranks, Perfect Giddimani, Mikeylous, Baba Sound, Soulforce, Glockwork Posse and Sting Like A Bee, just to name a few. The guys went also into production: 2013 sees their first riddim release, a relick of the classic “Rockfort Rock”. Their first trip to Jamaica for 4 weeks brought a lot of new links and impressions, which will be altered in many different ways in the future. “WILD OUT” transforms into a real jamaican party – named “WAH GWAAN” from now on, at the SUB Club Wiener Neustadt. The next riddims are also in the making – so watch fi dis!

DJ Smo / Four Star Foundation:
Europe’s rudest and most versatile Dancehall DJ started his professional career as a member of the infamous Four Star Foundation – Crew, of which he is an important part and proud member up to this day. The young and ambitious ‘Selecta / DJ / MC’ is mainly known for his creative Remixes and professional live- ‘juggling’ skills, presented in a highly entertaining and unique way, and his notorious mixtapes –

more mixtapes at: www.soundcloud.com/4starfoundation

Born in Austria, ready to f%$k up the world and love up the girls, DJ Smo will satisfy every ‘massive’ in every venue or any location.

 Fotos © Dominik Perchtold

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