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Ruff n Rugged Sound inna SUB Style

20. April 2013 // Jungle, Ragga // AK: 5€ <23.00> 6€

BOOM SHAKA LAKA – der Event im SUB, bei dem sich alles um Bass Music und ragga-beeinflusste Musik-Styles dreht. Ragga, Jungle, Dubstep, Bass Music, Breaks n Beats kommen hier in angenehmer Abwechslung auf die Plattenteller.

Im achten Durchgang holen wir das englische Jungle-Urgestein DJ FRISK.

SUB presents: BOOM SHAKA LAKA #8


Resident DJs:


>MUVA (StruttinBeats/SUB)

>WIPEOUT (Southurban/SUB)

>KEKE (StruttinBeats/SUB)

Main Act:
>DJ FRISK (Necessary Bass/Congo Natty et al, UK)




GOODWOOD b2b STEADYROCK (Gut Aufgelegt/Junglist Massive)

>MCs: JAMI DREAD & AMARO (2High Production, Vienna)


Samstag, 20.4.2013

Doors: 21:00

AK: 5€ <23.00> 6€





Liverpool based DJ and Producer, Frisk is one of few true junglists representing Merseyside right now. The award-winning artist first became interested in DJing when some of his friends got turntables, inspiring him to start off his own collection, and it didn’t take long for the DJ to make himself known in his hometown of Liverpool.

From playing at house parties and after parties, Frisk began playing out on the club circuit, and not just in Liverpool, but around the UK and parts of Europe.

Frisk claims that learning music theory from a young age provided a great platform for his music making, giving him the skills and knowledge he needed to produce “real” music, not just recordings put together from a bunch of synth samples and preset rhythms like many other “DJs” do.

“This was an ideal basis for all my future music projects. If you know your keys and patterns it’s easy to compose any genre of music.”

In 2003, Frisk entered his first professionally produced track ‘How to Drop a Bomb’ into BBC 1Xtra’s cutting room competition, which he won and received his first dubplate.   Frisk also won the ‘Deadline’ (originally produced by Digital) Remix Project competition, came runner up in the Run Tingz Recordings ‘informer’ , and also in the EZ Rollers, ‘Crowd Rocker’ Remix competitions – adding yet more dubplates to his growing collection.

It took a couple of years to develop his recognisable D&B/Jungle “sound”, then he was soon one of the most well known DJs on the D&B scene of the North West. But playing the same tracks as other D&B DJ’s in the city was never going to be enough for this guy, and it was his desire to take his work further, be different and unique that acted as the catalyst for his compositional journey.


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